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A must have publication covering everything you need to know about handmade bags from basic tools required to bag linings, as well as, step-by-step instructions on how to make crochet bags for several bags featured on the Handibrand website. All in one publication, all designed by Katerina Livanou, a veteran of handmade bags and the founder of Handibrand. This publication is currently available in the English Language! In the meantime, you can always watch numerous Handibrand instructional videos on YouTube. Here we are again… With our cherished art, the art of handmade bag. Creation makes you think outside the windows of everyday life, makes you have colorful and optimistic thoughts. The road up to the printing of this book was full of colors, materials, yarns, crochet hooks, testing, knitting and again knitting. A road full of flowers, intense colors, even fragrances of Greek beauty, a trip to our streets, the endless blue, the breeze blowing gently, our infantile naivety. With more experience in my luggage, but always with countless excitement, I wanted something different from the first book. I wanted to focus more deeply on the right set-up of a bag, in stitch patterns and techniques with great interest. I will share with you important information and precious secrets for the creation of the handmade bag. Through small texts, step-by-step instructions and mostly images I will try to answer all your questions in a simple manner. In this way I will come closer with the girls that are far away and have no opportunity to attend the Handibrand lessons. A book suitable for all, from beginners who will experiment, to the experts who know how to knit, but have not yet focused on creating a handmade bag. Through a wide range of designs whose creation entails a small secret, create your own original designs using the proposed materials. In the first pages of the book you will find the relevant abbreviations and symbols that will help you, following the instructions, reach the final goal. Happy crafting Katerina by Handibrand
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