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About us

Hello my name is Katerina and I am the founder/owner of Handibrand. My introduction to the world of crafts began as a child when I watched my Cretan grandmother as she carried out traditional weaving and needle work. Over the years, I developed a real love of bags eventually combining my love of bags with my artisanal heritage to create handmade crochet bags.

Today, I have a craft supplies shop just outside Athens city centre where I stock everything from tools to a wide range of yarns, ribbons, cords, metal ornaments and metal-leather accessories specifically for making your very own crochet bag. Being a crochet bag enthusiast and maker, I’ve gone to great lengths to source the right materials and work with the right people to offer other crafters a comprehensive range of quality tools and materials required to make handmade crochet bags all under one roof!

Over time, the Handibrand Store has evolved into much more than a craft supplies shop. I now have a team of people who all have a special role. Some help me run the shop. Others assist me in running regular workshops on the art of bag making while others produce eco-leather bag bases and accessories following my specifications designed to facilitate DIY bag making. And our focus is always on quality, durability and functionality.

My shop is now a hub where crafters gather to exchange ideas, learn new techniques and support one another. I absolutely love what I do and to support my clients further, I also offer a range of DIY Crochet Bag Making Kits of varied difficulty based on my designs. Everything a crafter needs packaged into one kit which I’m now offering online together with step-by-step instructions supported by illustrations!


Many Handibrand materials, leathers, yarns, and cords for making bags are designed by us with meticulous attention to detail, quality and functionality. We do not supply or stock anything that has not been fully tried and tested by our team. Our motto is to propose what we believe in and more importantly, what we know works!


With each new season, you’ll find new designs, colors and bag making cords. At Handibrand, we always like to keep things fresh and up-to-date, always on the cutting edge of fashion trends!

All Handibrand cord yarns are specially designed and suitable for crochet bags or other items like decorative pillows, rugs, macramé and weaving. All cord yarns are waterproof and made from the highest quality materials such as viscose, silk, cotton, polyester, good quality polypropylene.

Made to be lightweight, easy to crochet and have the right tension to achieve the required bag shape.

Several cord yarns have also been designed to be suitable for the plastic canvas technique, ensuring that embroidery is both stylish and uniform.

Our cord yarns are usually available by the kilo, in 300gr and 500gr reels, and 300gr skeins.

Leather accessories are our specialty. Handibrand offers a variety of eco-leather accessories for an extensive range of handmade bags, all designed and produced by us with respect for the environment. Every leather accessory is designed to ensure that all bag designs can be made easily and correctly.

At Handibrand you can find everything you need to make a handmade bag. From eco-leather bag bases to handles and zippers, we only supply materials that have been tried and tested by us, bringing you integrated techniques and solutions.

With great attention to detail and the highest quality standards, we are driven by our passion for creation.

Handibrand your one-stop shop for an exceptional range

of handmade bag materials and designs:

BASES / COVERS / HANDLES / CLOSURES / DIY KITS /DESIGNS(Totes, Backpacks, Pouch Bags, Clutches, Vintage Purses, Bowling Bags, Cross-body Bags, Shoulder Bags and more)


At Handibrand you’ll find an extensive rangeof metal hardware – accessories and ornaments –for multiple uses, handmade crochet, leather and fabric bags.


Premium quality metal chains made from aluminum, iron and nickel in gun metal gray, black, gold, silver and old brass.


A variety of resin and silicone chains in an extensive range of sizes and colors to reflect every season!


Numerous metal locks and clips such as:

Turn Locks, Magnetic Buttons, Magnetic clasps, Push Locks, Flex Frames, Satchel Locks, Dog Hooks, Rings and D’s, Hooks and Snaps, Clip on & Screws.


At Handibrand you’ll find a large selection of sizes and designs for Vintage Metal Frames.


Labels, Handle Holders, Metal Rings, Bell-Shape Handle Holders, Iron Rings, Long Post Eyelets, Handbag Feet, Prongs and Cord Endings,

O Rings-D Rings, Strap Slides, Adjustable Strap Slides, Dog Hooks, Screw Posts.

Handibrand offers simple-to-follow instructions on how to make your very own handmade bag in various formats:

 The ‘All about Handmade Bags’ and "Handmade Bags Tutorials"is a print publication on everything you need to know about handmade bags. This publication covers everything from the basic tools needed, as well as, step-by-step instructions for several designs featured on the Handibrand website. An all-in-one publication, all bags designed by Katerina Livanou, the founder ofHandibrand and an experienced bag maker.

This publication is now available in Greek and English!

• English-language Tutorials on several bag designs available in PDF format.

• Greek-language video tutorials on YouTube

Launch your own Handibrand franchise business or “corner”.

With years of experience in handmade bag supplies and kits, Handibrand can help you set up your local Handibrand store or share our ‘know-how’ in running branded Handibrand in-store seminars using tried and tested Handibrand craft supplies.

We’ve been in the business for a while now and growing year on year. Benefit from our research, expertise and successful business model to set up your own Handibrand franchise or corner.

Call or email Katerina Livanou to set up an appointment!

T: +30 212-1049467 E: [email protected]