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Eco Friendly & Handibrand

At Handibrand we really care about the environment.  Love for animals and the environment we live in is part of our philosophy. Wanting to do our part, we do not use animal products in any of the 'leather' bag accessories in our collection.  At Handibrand, we don't believe there is anything beautiful about wearing or holding an 'animal' thereby supporting, the often unorthodox practices of a large leather industry ...

The progression of technology has now given us synthetic leather alternatives, both high quality and of a good standard. We can now enjoy the luxury of 'leather' without hurting animals.  So wherever you see any reference to leather, suede or fur in our shop, please note that these words are used as generic terms and that all of these products are the synthetic alternative.  At Handibrand we support ethical work practices and will only work with organisations that share our philosophy, that love animals and respect the environment.