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Kit Fold Lady, Missoni with Bronze Metal Handles and 500gr Catenella Cord Yarn. Choose Your Cord Yarn Color!

Lady with Metallic Handles
In stock

A smart crochet bag. This Fold Pochette 'Lady' design will result in a bag measuring 30cm in width and 20cm in height.  A lined eco-leather base with holes around the perimeter will help you adjust and connect the crocheted part of your bag to the base.  Note, that the crocheted part of the bag needs to be a little bigger than the eco-leather base to ensure that the metal handles sit well. This kit contains 1 Pochette Lady base with metal handles and 500gr of Catenella cord yarn.  You'll need a crochet hook no. 4 and about 450gr of cord yarn to complete this bag and you can choose the color of your cord yarn!  

Happy crafting!