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In 2 Colors
  • BL01 - Black
    BL01 - Black
  • BR02 - Tabac
    BR02 - Tabac
  • MP005 - Beige Sand
    MP005 - Beige Sand
  • PINK015 - Pink Powder
    PINK015 - Pink Powder
  • VINT020 - Vintage Blue
    VINT020 - Vintage Blue
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
  • VINT17 - Vintage Nude Pistachio
    VINT17 - Vintage Nude Pistachio
  • VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
    VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
  • VINTCYPRESS - Vintage Cypress Green
    VINTCYPRESS -  Vintage Cypress Green
  • ΓΚΡ1 - Gray
    ΓΚΡ1 - Gray

The Bowling Bag Kit is a super designed bag!! Includes, Bowling Base, with two elbow arms 50cm and metal zipper with Two Leather Guides. The bottom of the set, 34x12cm, will guide us with openings, to achieve the size that our bag needs. Combine it with any Thread you like from our Collection.
You will find the Bowling Bag step by step with photographic material, in our Book “The Art of the Handmade Bag”.

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