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In 3 Colors
  • JUT0010 - Baby Green
    JUT0010 - Baby Green
  • JUT008 - Natural Red
    JUT008 - Natural Red
  • JUT009 - Mauve Antique
    JUT009 - Mauve Antique
  • JUT0N16 - Hot Chilly Ceramic
    JUT0N16 - Hot Chilly Ceramic
  • TRIP50 - Riped Apple 50
    TRIP50 - Riped Apple 50
  • ΚΑΦ03 - Wood Brown
    ΚΑΦ03 - Wood Brown
  • BL01 - Black
    BL01 - Black

The Jute Cord Natural yarn cord, 300gr, exclusive is a totally natural material, traditionally dyed by hand using cauldrons. Lightweight, and lots of meters, each skein is 300gr. The ideal crochet hook size is 5-6, although for some a crochet hook, size 7 is also suitable. You'll be enthused by the matte finish and its natural colors.

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