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In 2 Colors
  • BL01 - Black
    BL01 - Black
  • BR02 - Tabac
    BR02 - Tabac
  • GRAY077-1 - Gray Light
    GRAY077-1 - Gray Light
  • PINK0021 - Vintage Pink
    PINK0021 - Vintage Pink
  • RE01 - Red
    RE01 - Red
  • ΓΑΛVINT0023 - Baby Light Blue
    ΓΑΛVINT0023 - Baby Light Blue
  • ΚΑΜΠ09 - Beige Cigar
    ΚΑΜΠ09 - Beige Cigar
  • ΜΠ04 - Sugar
    ΜΠ04 - Sugar

Angelina eco-leather bag frame with metal eyelets, 32cm. Whether you crochet or use the plastic canvas technique, the dimensions of the finished bag are 32cm x 32cm in height. This bag frame has been designed by Handibrand to result in a firm bag without the need to use special stiffeners or firming techniques. The inbuilt metal eyelets also remove the need for you to create them yourself making this a genuinely simple and functional bag that you can combine with bamboo handles or 70cm-long metal chain shoulder strap with hooks.

An attractive bag and a great design to start with if you are new to bag making.

Happy crafting!

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