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In 4 Colors
  • MIS02 - Missoni Melon
    MIS02 - Missoni Melon
  • SOUETBIEGE - Suede Cigar
    SOUETBIEGE - Suede Cigar
  • SOUETBLACK - Suede Black
    SOUETBLACK - Suede Black
  • SUEDE/GRAY - Σουέτ Γκρι Απαλό
    SUEDE/GRAY - Σουέτ Γκρι Απαλό
  • SUEDE/PINK - Σουέτ Ροζ Πούδρας
    SUEDE/PINK - Σουέτ Ροζ Πούδρας
  • SUEDE/TIFFANY - Σουέτ Tiffany
    SUEDE/TIFFANY - Σουέτ Tiffany
  • SUEDEBORDUEX - Suede Bordeaux
    SUEDEBORDUEX - Suede Bordeaux
  • SUEDEBROWN - Suede Tabac Indian
    SUEDEBROWN - Suede Tabac Indian
  • SUEDEGRAY - Suede Gray
    SUEDEGRAY - Suede Gray
  • SUEDEOLIVE - Suede Olive Green
    SUEDEOLIVE - Suede Olive Green

Base Fold Lady with Round Metal Handles, 30x20cm.

The metallic lady is with us and is now available in suede. The measurements of this bag are 30cm in width and 20cm in length. A lined eco leather base with holes around the perimeter will help you adjust and connect the crocheted part of your bag to the base. Note, that the crocheted part of the bag needs to be a little bigger than the leather base to ensure that the metal handles sits well. Combine it with Handibrand Yarn. You'll be delighted by the result!

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