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Catalog The Leather Collection by handibrand. You can also browse it at Issuu Digital handibrand. Combining experience with our passion for creativity, we offer a range of durable and functional materials fully tested by our team and designed to achieve a professional result, earning Handibrand a reputation for eco leather accessories and DIY bag kits. From bag bottoms and side panels to handles and top flap covers, all leather accessories are produced and designed by Handibrand. Available in a wide range of colors, textures and materials, you’re sure to find whatever you need at Handibrand.

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Eco Fur,Viscosa/ Polyamide, Long Hair, 50gr
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Faux Fur Pompom with Handle 8cm
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Polyester Sewing Thread, NYBOLD 60m
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Yarn FIORE 100gr Polyester/Acrylic
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