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In 12 Colors
  • VINT0065 - Vintage Sugar
    VINT0065 - Vintage Sugar
  • VINT013 - Vintage Silver
    VINT013 - Vintage Silver
  • VINT020 - Vintage Blue
    VINT020 - Vintage Blue
  • VINT021 - Vintage Black
    VINT021 - Vintage Black
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
  • VINT05 - Vintage Pink
    VINT05 - Vintage Pink
  • VINT99 - Vintage White
    VINT99 - Vintage White
  • VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
    VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
  • VINTAGVIOLETGREY - Vintage Gray Lilian
    VINTAGVIOLETGREY - Vintage Gray Lilian
  • VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard
    VINTAMUSTARD - Vintage Dark Mustard
  • VINTBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
    VINTBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
  • VINTCYPRESS - Vintage Cypress Green
    VINTCYPRESS -  Vintage Cypress Green
  • VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux
    VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux
  • WOOD2 - Wood Brown
    WOOD2 - Wood Brown

We have outdone ourselves with this design! And we're sure you're going to love it!

The cover is distinguished by a large 6cm buckle.

The handle is 43cm in length and has metal bulls and clips which you can remove or make longer with a chain.

Even the magnet used for this design is distinctive.

It's a button magnet which provides a very secure closure. Together with the cover you will also find a circular lining for the back part of the magnet.

Available with Nickel or Gold metal accessories, we've thought of everything!

Combine the Sundy Cover with the Sundy Side Panels or 23Χ10cm Base or 26Χ10cm Base.

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