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In 12 Colors
  • BIZON-17 - Wood Brown Καφέ
    BIZON-17 - Wood Brown Καφέ
  • CROCO-3/ROTTENAPPLE - Croco Aligator Ripe Apple
    CROCO-3/ROTTENAPPLE - Croco Aligator Ripe Apple
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • VINT013 - Vintage Silver
    VINT013 - Vintage Silver
  • VINT020 - Vintage Blue
    VINT020 - Vintage Blue
  • VINT021 - Vintage Black
    VINT021 - Vintage Black
  • VINT022 - Vintage Grey
    VINT022 - Vintage Grey
  • VINT05 - Vintage Pink
    VINT05 - Vintage Pink
  • VINT067 - Vintage Beige
    VINT067 - Vintage Beige
  • VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
    VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
  • VINTAGVIOLETGREY - Vintage Gray Lilian
    VINTAGVIOLETGREY - Vintage Gray Lilian
  • VINTBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
    VINTBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
  • VINTCYPRESS - Vintage Cypress Green
    VINTCYPRESS -  Vintage Cypress Green
  • VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux
    VINTDARKBORDO - Vintage Aubergine Bordeaux
  • VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar
    VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar

Set Side Panels with Partition Pocket and Zipper, 19cm and 120cm-long strap with chain. A side panel set that will not go unnoticed! It has everything! Two side panels that make a recess, together with an internal partition pocket with zipper and a strap with clips, chain and leather piece. In total, the strap is 110cm in length. Combine it with the Cadena Bag Cover or crochet a cover.

This Set contains:

2 Side Panels 19cm with Partition Pocket and Zipper 26cm in length
2 Metal Arches on the special side panels
2 Metal Clips
30cm Eco Leather Strap

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