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In 4 Colors
  • BL01 - Black
    BL01 - Black
  • LEAT/VENET/DCIGAR-12 - Nude Cigar
    LEAT/VENET/DCIGAR-12 - Nude Cigar
  • LEAT/VENET/GIGAR-15 - Light Cigar
    LEAT/VENET/GIGAR-15 - Light Cigar
  • LEAT/VENETA/DPINK-18 - Ripe Apple
    LEAT/VENETA/DPINK-18 - Ripe Apple
  • LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
    LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
  • LEAT/VENETA/YELL-16 - Yellow
    LEAT/VENETA/YELL-16 - Yellow
  • VINT00 - Vintage White
    VINT00 - Vintage White
A fantastic bag cover that will enthuse you. Soft and made with double material, this bag cover measures 27cm. Measurements for the finished bag are 27cm x 17cm in height. The chain handle is sewn onto the cover with Pandoro yarn in the colors you choose using a Yarn Needle. The metal details on the cover are gold.

This set includes:

1 GOLDY Bag Cover
1 x 110cm-long Chanel Chain No.2
12m of Pandorino Yarn in 4 colors
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