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In 3 Colors
  • LE/PVENETTA/CIGAR-15 - Braided Light Cigar
    LE/PVENETTA/CIGAR-15 - Braided Light Cigar
  • LE/PVENETTA/GREEN-19 - Braided Olive
    LE/PVENETTA/GREEN-19 - Braided Olive
  • LE/PVENETTA/PINK-18 - Braided Ripe Apple
    LE/PVENETTA/PINK-18 - Braided Ripe Apple
  • LE/PVENETTA/YELLO-16 - Braided Yellow
    LE/PVENETTA/YELLO-16 - Braided Yellow
  • LEAT/KORS/BROW-3 - Brown Nude Kors
    LEAT/KORS/BROW-3 - Brown Nude Kors
  • LEAT/VENET/DCIGAR-12 - Nude Cigar
    LEAT/VENET/DCIGAR-12 - Nude Cigar
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • VINT024 - Vintage Tabac
    VINT024 - Vintage Tabac

Kit Beach Bag with 70cm-long handles, pendant keyholder and 21cm round base.

The Dimensions are 34cm x 8cm.

The base and handles are 70cm in length.

This bag can be made in various styles from a large beach bag to a medium-sized everyday bag. The round

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