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The Ginger Backpack kit with eco-leather pocket and tongue. A backpack for the modern woman! The backpack straps are wide and adjustable. It also has a wide handle and an embedded tongue closure. The impressive part of this bag is the leather back panel which supports the crocheted part of the bag and makes it comfortable to wear. This bag is also full of surprises! It has a large eco-leather pocket and the sew-on eco-leather accessories act as a stop for its closure. There are several ways and styles to make this bag. The finished height of the crochet part of this bag is 50cm-54cm and you start crocheting the bag from the base as shown on our Backpack Video.

The Ginger Kit contains: 1 set of Ginger eco-leather accessories:

- 1 backpack with strap, pocket, tongue, handle and sew-on eco-leather tabs

- 1 Base 31x10cm

- 3 Bobbins of Pom Pom Cord Yarn (900gr)

Happy crafting!

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