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Boxy Bag frame with two handles and double zipper, 30cm. A gorgeous crochet bag that makes your heart flutter! The eco-leather base can be placed internally or externally on the crocheted part of the bag. The handle at the center of the base can be left open to make the bag larger if desired. The crochet part of the bag can be made short or long. The zipper has two pull-tabs. This kit contains 1 Boxy Frame, 1 base 27x15cm and 400gr of Handibrand's Hearts cord yarn. The amount of cord yarn in this kit has been calculated to make a bag measuring 16cm in height. This bag can be crocheted in two ways. Either you start with the base and crochet round and round or you crochet the body of the bag and then connect it to the base. Happy crafting!
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