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What can we say about the Charms Shell Bag! It's an exceptional bag that comes with a pair of handles with nickel details and 4 sew-on eco leather tabs with holes and special metal Bulls on top. Internally they have a cylindrical lining to make them stand upright. The Charms tongue and side closure with tassels is a simple yet ingenious idea. With an opening and closing clip, they can be placed on the side of your bag to either enlarge or reduce your bag, or as a closure on the top of your crochet bag. The tassel is also very impressive, providing the finishing touch! Add the tabs with tassel to your bag with 2 Bulls with legs for bags or sew them on. The yarn in this kit is enough to make a large, impressive bag! This Kit contains: 2 Charms handles 2 Charms tongues with 2 tassels 1 31x10cm oval base 800gr Hearts Eco Rayon yarn (4 skeins) requiring a crochet hook no.5 Written instructions are available if required or watch our YouTube Channel. Happy crafting!
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