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The CHARMS accessory set, offers both a clever and attractive idea! The concept comprises a pair of nickel metal details that are connected by 4 tailored faux leather pieces with holes and special metal Bulls on top. Internally they have a cylindrical lining to make them stand upright. The Charms tongues & side closure with tassels is a simple yet ingenious idea. With an opening and closing clip, they can be placed on the side of your bag or as a closure on the top of your crochet bag. Place them on the side of your crochet bag with 2 Bulls with legs for bags or sew them onto the top of your bag. The tassels providing the finishing touch! Match the Charms set with Handibrand's Hearts cord yarn. This set contains: 1 pair of Charms handles 2 Charms tongues with 2 tassels 1 31x10cm oval base Happy crafting!
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