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SMILE Perimetrical Base with Adjustable Strap, 58x7cm. A base that includes an embedded strap that you will adore! Use this set to make a square or round bag. The special strap incorporates a push ring on one side to facilitate adding the strap to the crocheted part of the bag and adjusting it to your desired length. The handle is 70-80cm in length. The Perimetrical base is 58x7cm. Here our suggestion is for a square bag for a slightly more stylish bag.

This Kit includes:

1 SMILE Perimetrical Base with embedded Strap
500gr Catenella Cord Yarn (1 unit)
1 Metal Lion Ornament with Legs, including its safety mechanism
13 Acrylic Chain links (Code 000939)
1x35mm Metal Push Ring
You will need Plastic Canvas to line the bag internally and a 20cm Sew-on Zipper for the lining. Alternatively, you could add a Sew-on Magnet.

Happy crafting!
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