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A truly boho crochet bag - large, light and playful. The Raffia Straw Thread gives it a casual look while the Chanel-style F34 Metal Chain makes it as elegant and as stylish as it should be! The Stella leather bag base is 33cm x 20cm with holes around the perimeter. Inside it has a magnet intricately sewn onto the leather.
This kit contains:
• 1 Stella leather base
• 125gr Raffia Cord Yarn
• 1 bottom bag base, 20x8cm
• 1.7m Chanel-style Metal Chain F34 (Code: 000531). Enough to make a handle measuring 60cm in length. In the featured photo, our handle is 40cm in length using a 1.5m chain
The final bag measurements of the STELLA bag are 33cmx31cm in height. We have crocheted this bag in rounds and we have double threaded the Raffia Yarn. A fresh, easy bag to make even if you are a beginner.
You can also make this bag with Natural Rope Cord Yarn. You will not require any plastic canvas for this bag.
Happy crafting!
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