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The technique used to make this bag will excite you...!! We will crochet on a special Rope Cord for Dressing. Large, spacious and light due to the technique used, this bag falls into the boho chic style category. The sew-on handles are 80cm in length. If sewed on at this length they can be used on the shoulder. Otherwise, they can be sewed on at a shorter length as shown in the photograph. You'll need some paper tape for this technique. The final bag measures 27cm in height and 33cm-35cm in width.
This Kit includes:
• 15m Rope Cord for Dressing. You'll need about 14m but you could also make your bag a little taller if desired.
• 20pcs Large Pompoms (2 packets, Code 001037). This is a mix of 9 colors.
• 2 Skeins of Natural Color Jute Cord, total 200gr.
• 100gr Multicolor Raffia Cord to be crocheted double. There will be excess thread (about 85gr is needed).
• 75gr Raffia Cord to be crocheted with the Jute Cord.
• 1 Base, 31cmx10cm.
• 1x 80cm-long Narrow Handles with Hole

Happy Crafting!
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