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The McQueen design requires a slightly different approach to crochet. A large bag that deserves attention! The bag frame is 16cm in width and the handles are 60cm in length. This kit has several design changes compared with the McQueen Base.
The handles are attached with special screw-on bulls which make the difference. For this particular Kit our proposal is that you crochet three pieces that will be joined to create the style of the bag. To help you make this bag perfectly, we have very detailed instructions.
The Midi Yarn requires a Crochet Hook No.4.

This Kit includes:
1 McQueen frame with two shoulder handles (001900)
800gr of Midi Cord Yarn (4 units) (000713) 
You can add a sew-on Magnet with Leather Tab and 0.50cm of Fabric Lining for bags. Please note, enough lining will be left over from the width of the fabric for another bag.
Happy crafting!

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