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A lovely embroidered bag on canvas, different from the rest! In this design we combine crochet with embroidery. The bag cover is made using the embroidery on canvas technique, while the body of the bag is crocheted. The final measurements of the bag are 22cm in width and 18cm in height. The body of the bag is made up of 2 pieces measuring 22xm x 16cm and one all-in-one side panel bottom base measuring 7cm x 15cm in length. The plastic canvas for the embroidery is cut 2-3cm bigger so that you can adjust if the knit turns out bigger. Start by crocheting the body of the bag.

This Kit includes:

250gr Pandorino Cord Yarn
1 Astarti Tongue
2 Sew-on Astarti sides
1 Corduroy Meg Handle
1 White Plastic Canvas Sheet with 0.3cm holes
Butterfly pattern

Happy crafting!
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