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A fairy tale crochet bag! The ideal gift and that's not all! The Slim Cord Yarn is a wonderful yarn for crochet and you'll use the Raffia Cord Yarn to make the fringe. The final resin chain together with the metal rings measures 40cm in length.

This Kit includes:

1 x 18.5cm Vintage Frame.

200gr of Slim Cord Yarn (1 bobbin).

6 colors of Raffia Yarn (25gr/skein). The colors are: White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Lilac, Light Gray. 2 x 17mm Metal Push Rings.

7 Oval Resin Rings.

6 Resin Links. Requires a crochet hook no.3.5-4.

Starting from an oval base, we have crocheted 2-3 rows along the length of the frame and to 17cm in height. The Raffia Yarn comes in specific colors. You can change the order in which these colors appear to match the color of the resin chain you have chosen.

Happy crafting!

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