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A super sweet animal print crochet pouch bag. You'll require a crochet hook No.4 and yes! we can provide you with the pattern and instructions for making this bag, so all you need to do is choose which set color combination you want!

The Kit Sugar Leopard pouch bag contains:

1 Sugar Pouch Band with Tassels
1 Base 20x14cm
1 70cm-long Shoulder Strap with metal clips
2 reels (600gr & 100gr) of Tripolino cord yarn and a third color needed to create the leopard print. See the different set color combinations below!
1 Chloe large hook
1 15mm, large Bell with screw
1 complimentary sew-on Handibrand label
1 Instructions for the leopard print stitch
Happy crafting!

Set Color Combinations:

Black Set (Black, Pastel Beige & a little Terracotta yarn)
Blue Set (Blue, Pastel Beige & a little Red yarn)
Cypress Green Set (Green, Pastel Beige & a little Terracotta yarn)
Gray Set(Gray, Pastel Beige & a little Red yarn)
Wood Brown Set (Green, Pastel Beige & a little Terracotta)
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