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A kit that awakens the child in you, giving you a sense of satisfaction and joy as you crochet! The Amigurumi Cotton Yarn is made by Handibrand especially for doll making/plush toys and various other accessories. Ideal for children. This yarn requires a crochet hook no.3.5-4. The yarn is 3.5mm in width and is washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

The Clown is the newest addition to Handibrand's family of Amigurumi. This plush toy will give lots of hugs to small and big children. Standing, it is 35cm in height.

The Kit Charlie Clown includes:

100gr Mauve Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (1 yarn)
100gr Yellow Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (1 yarn)
100gr White Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (1 yarn)
100gr Mint, Blue or Green Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (1 yarn) depending on the Kit Color you choose
6 meters of Red Yarn
25gr Denim Light Blue Yarn
1 yarn needle
100gr of Filling
2 Silicone Eyes with safety mechanism, 10mm
5 x 15mm sew-on Pompoms (Code 001032)
Step by step instructions for each piece, including assemblage in Greek
The Amigurumi Charlie Clown plush toy is a pattern of medium difficulty

*The Mint Trouser Set includes Yellow and Red pompoms

*The Blue Trouser Set includes Yellow and Blue pompoms

*The Green Trouser Set includes Yellow and Green pompoms

Sending you an Amigurumi kiss - happy crafting!!
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