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A kit that awakens the child in you, giving you a sense of satisfaction and joy as you crochet! The Amigurumi Cotton Yarn is made by Handibrand especially for doll making/plush toys and various other accessories. Ideal for children. This yarn requires a crochet hook no.3.5-4. The yarn is 3.5mm in width and is washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

We've name our rabbit - Peter and it's the perfect gift to give your loved ones with the traditional Easter candle. This Amigurumi plush toy will give lots of hugs to small and big children. Final measurements are 34cm together with ears when seated. As we couldn't choose a bow tie, we've added materials for a crocheted or fabric bow tie so our young rabbit can change his style! In the kit, you will also find the materials and instructions for making the carrot.

The Boy Rabbit Kit includes:

300gr Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (3 units). Choose your set color. Please note some yarn will be left over.
100gr Siel Amigurumi Cotton Yarn.
3 meters of Black yarn for the nose.
20gr of Red yarn for the bow tie.
25gr of Orange yarn for the carrot.
10 meters of Khaki yarn for the carrot.
180gr of Filling 1 unit (also enough for the carrot)
2 small Silicone Eyes, 10mm in size with safety mechanism
1 piece of lining for the bow tie. Choose the color.
The Peter Rabbit is an easy pattern.

Sending you an Amigurumi kiss - happy crafting!

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