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A bag kit designed to put you in good spirits. A soft style with double material. The bag cover is 27cm and the measurements of the finished bag are 27cm x 17cm in height. Crochet one continuous piece (base-side panels) which is 8cm in width and 60cm in length, and two pieces that are 27cm in width. You will sew the chain onto the cover with the same Pandoro yarn color you choose. Sew on with a Yarn Needle. The metal details are gold in color.

This Kit includes:

1 GOLDY Bag Cover
400gr Hearts Cord Yarn (2 bobbins)
110cm-long Metal Chain Chanel No.2
12m of Pandorino Yarn in 4 colors
1 eco-leather handle with chain and clip 125cm
2 Metal Arches, Labels with Feet
Happy crafting!
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