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A truly boho crochet bag - large, light and playful. The straw cord is a very special yarn. It's light and has a bamboo-like texture.

This kit contains:

1 pair of 18cm round wooden handles
7 skeins of straw yarn, 175gr
1 sew-on magnet
The final bag should measure 35cm in width and 30cm in height. The yarn should be sufficient for the measurements detailed, as well as, creating the flower and fringe/tassel details. Or if you would prefer, you could select a different Straw Cord Yarn color to create these decorative effects in a contrasting color. You'll also need about 50cm of Plastic Canvas.

Choose the color of your cord yarn and handles. If you need instructions on how to make this bag, send us note in your order.

Happy crafting!
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