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  • CATEN/RED-2552 - Red Ferrari
    CATEN/RED-2552 - Red Ferrari
  • CATEN-307 CIELO - Light Blue Cielo
    CATEN-307 CIELO - Light Blue Cielo
  • CATEN-348 MARINE - Blue Marine
    CATEN-348 MARINE - Blue Marine
  • CATENCIPRIA731 - Pink Powder
    CATENCIPRIA731 - Pink Powder
  • CATEN-LIVING CORAL - Coral Salmon
    CATEN-LIVING CORAL - Coral Salmon
  • CATEN-OC3 CLEVELAND - Beige Oro Cleveland
    CATEN-OC3 CLEVELAND - Beige Oro Cleveland
A fashionable vintage-style bag with a Viennese air!

This kit contains:

1x50cm sheet of handmade rattan in a natural color
1 bamboo-style turn lock
2 gold-colored metal arches
1 bamboo handle in a natural color with gold-colored arches
500gr of Catenella cord yarn.
You'll need a crochet hook no.4 to make this bag and you'll find detailed instructions with photographs in Handibrand's publication "All About Handmade Bags".

Happy crafting!
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