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In 11 Colors
  • BIZON-17 - Wood Brown Καφέ
    BIZON-17 - Wood Brown Καφέ
  • LE/VENET/PINK - Muted Pink
    LE/VENET/PINK -  Muted Pink
  • LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
    LEAT/VENETA/ORAN-11 - Muted Orange
  • LEAT/VENETA/YELL-16 - Yellow
    LEAT/VENETA/YELL-16 - Yellow
  • ROMA-6 - Cigar
    ROMA-6 - Cigar
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • ROMN-BLUE - Blue
    ROMN-BLUE - Blue
  • ROMN-BORDEUAX - Bordeaux
    ROMN-BORDEUAX - Bordeaux
  • ROMN-GRAY - Gray
    ROMN-GRAY - Gray
  • Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
    Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
  • VINTBRONZ - Vintage Light Bronze
    VINTBRONZ - Vintage Light Bronze
Round Purse with Hanging Hook 10cm. The perfect purse for any time of day. Can be worn (attached) on a chain, belt strap, crochet strap or in any way you like! It's clasp is very practical. It has a hook, a metal semi circle and a leather loop to sew on if you prefer. It can also function as a keyring. Wear it on the outside of your bag or hang it on the inside. A versatile accessory with lots of options!
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