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In 6 Colors
  • STRAP-BIEGE/2 - Dark Biege
    STRAP-BIEGE/2 - Dark Biege
  • STRAP-BLACK - Black
    STRAP-BLACK - Black
  • STRAP-BLUE - Dark Blue
    STRAP-BLUE - Dark Blue
  • STRAP-BORDEAUX - Μπορντώ
    STRAP-BORDEAUX - Μπορντώ
  • STRAP-GRAY - Gray
    STRAP-GRAY - Gray
  • STRAP-OLIVE - Olive
    STRAP-OLIVE - Olive

Adjustable Backpack Belt Straps, 4cm Wide. The best straps you could add to the backpack you just made! Adjustable up to a final length of 82cm. Add it to any bag of your choice. The metal clips on the ends of the straps are large, stable and openable. You can attach the straps to your crocheted bag with 25mm Push Rings. 2 Pieces.

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