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A bag that breaks the status quo. We combined the Big Wool Yarn with the Astarti 12cm Tongue with Turn Lock. This mini Tongue closure for crocheted bags will steal your heart. Made up of two pieces that are sewn, the metal Turn Lock is on the top making our life easier. It measures 12cm in height x 6cm in width. The side panels are 6cm in height and 2cm in width with a metal semi circle to attach a chain or strap. The measurements of the finished bag are 33cm in width and 20-22cm in height. Crochet a rectangular piece and attach on the side. Due to the texture and thickness of the thread, a narrow side is created.

This Kit includes:

400gr Big Wool Yarn (4 yarns)
1 Astarti Tongue with Turn Lock
2 Astarti leather side panels with metal semi circle
1 cross-body strap, 120cm x 2cm
Happy crafting!
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