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In 4 Colors
  • Silver Metallic
    Silver Metallic
  • Gold Metallic
    Gold Metallic
  • Black Metallic
    Black Metallic
  • Pink Metallic
    Pink Metallic
A magical crochet bag and glam at the same time! The Glam Metallic Yarn gives this bag a very stylish air. Some yarn will be left over so we've added an 8.5cm purse that you can use together with the bag or separately.

This Kit includes:

1 Vintage Isabella Frame Pink Cashmere 16.5cm or Bronze Frame with 19.5cm Handle
400gr Glam Metallic Yarn (2 Bobbins)
1x8.5cm oval Frame
1x1cm Clip
1x10mm Push Ring
Crocheted with a no.4 crochet hook.

Happy crafting!
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