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In 1 Color

The Charmy backpack - a cool alternative to your standard backpack!

When inserting the drawstring, make sure it's loose because we don't want to gather the bag too much. Sew on the two Charmy tongue closures, one on each side of the bag creating feature folds. The Oval Cover with peg-style lock is also one of the safest options for a backpack.
This kit includes:

1 Oval cover with peg-style closure and push ring(code:000086)
1 Base 31x10cm(code:000009)
1 Pair of backpack straps(code:000013)
1 Stop cord with metal ends, 1 meter length(code:000906)
600gr Hearts Cord Yarn(code;000506)
2 Charmy tongue closures with tassels(code:000739)

Happy crafting!

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