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What should I say first about this chunky throw-blanket...? The Gang Arms Wool yarn is unbelievably cuddly and so Handibrand! This throw-blanket measures 0.90cm x 120cm and is made using the arm/finger knitting technique. To get the same result you would get using a crochet hook or knitting needles, we suggest that you use your fingers, resting the knit on a surface. Try to make all the stitches the same size for a harmonious/balanced result. Each time a ball of wool ends, simply join the next one and continue.

To make a throw-blanket measuring 0.90cm add 15-18 loops on your arm which should fit comfortably. Once you've completed the first row you can continue working either on the floor or on a large surface.

This Kit includes 7 balls of Gang Arms Wool, total weight 2450gr.

Watch our video on YouTube for instructions on Arm/Finger Knitting.

Happy Crafting!
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