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  • ROM-CYPRESS - Cypress
    ROM-CYPRESS - Cypress
  • ROMN-BLACK - Black
    ROMN-BLACK - Black
  • ROMN-BLUE - Blue
    ROMN-BLUE - Blue
  • ROMN-BROWNESPRESSO - Espresso Coffee
    ROMN-BROWNESPRESSO - Espresso Coffee
  • ROMN-GRAY - Gray
    ROMN-GRAY - Gray
  • Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
    Tabac-Romtab/01 - Tabac
  • VINT05 - Vintage Pink
    VINT05 - Vintage Pink
  • VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
    VINTA053 - Vintage Bordeaux
  • VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar
    VINTNO4BIZ - Vintage Cigar

Great Backpack Set. The Back Straps are adjustable and consist of two pieces. In the lower part, which catches on the bottom, they have a hook and in the upper part a mechamism loop, so that they can easily catch on the knitted fabric. The bottom is 13cm wide and 26cm long. It is ideal for a medium Backpack.

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