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The all-in-one base-side panels Santa Exclusive for a crocheted bag measuring 87cm in length and 11cm in width at the widest point. Incorporating a special metal ring on each side, you can attach 70cm-long shoulder strap with metal clips. Suitable for crochet bags in various sizes. In this Kit we chose the Granny Square design using three colors for a beautiful multicolor result. We taken care to ensure that no yarn is left over and we've crocheted the back side in a rag style, changing the color of yarn irregularly.

This Kit includes:

550gr Amigurumi Cotton Yarn (5 yarns and 3 colors). There are 3 yarns in the basic color and 1 yarn for each of the other two colors.
1 x 85cm Perimetrical Base
1 x 70cm-long Handle with metal clips
1 x leather zipper with metal pull tab, 25-30cm in length
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