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Some handicrafts do not need complicated techniques for a beautiful result. The Alpes Long Scarf is for women, men and children. We combined two yarns together in knitting. The result looks very impressive in the simplicity of the knitting because of the two threads.

Alpes and Merino DK Yarns will delight you with their quality, softness and airy warmth on you. Do not forget that European Yarns excel in raw materials and quality.

You will need Needles No. 9-10. Final Dimensions are 1.95cm long and 21cm wide. If you iron it, it will lengthen at least 30-40cm. We started the knitting with 28 loops and both yarns together, knitting the Fisherman's Rib 

The Kit Includes :

- 2 pcs Alpes Thread (200g total)

- 2 pcs Merino DK Yarn (100g total)

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