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These elves are rocking this Christmas!

Those little elves with long hats, big white beards and round noses!

According to traditions and myths they were considered house spirits who were responsible for the care and well-being of a farm or family.

How they are able to get into people's houses with their giant hats that cover the eyes and see nothing.. still remains a great mystery! Our knitted Dwarf has final dimensions of 23cm tall and is the sweetest and most naive Elf Dwarf!

The Kit Includes :

-100g Amigurumi Yarn White (1pc)

- 100g Amigurumi Yarn basic color (1pc)

- 4-5 meters Ecru Amigurumi Yarn

- 11-12 Pom Pom small 15mm Ecru

- 1 Pom Pom medium 20mm Ecru for the cap

- 60g Filling for dolls

Good luck handibrand girls!

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