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In 4 Colors
  • Set No1 Orange-Gray(102-503-303)
    Set No1 Orange-Gray(102-503-303)
  • Set No2 Khaki-Mustard(902-307-802)
    Set No2 Khaki-Mustard(902-307-802)
  • Set No3 Gray-Black ( 912D-101-Black)
    Set No3 Gray-Black ( 912D-101-Black)
  • Set No4 Biege-Khaki (702-303-802)
    Set No4 Biege-Khaki (702-303-802)

You will love Macrame Wall! DIY easy leaves for Wall Hanging and Knot for Macrame Curtain. This particular Wall Macrame Kit has dimensions of 80cm wide and 100cm long. The leaves have a dimension of 16 cm. You will need a thalasse wood or a beautiful curtain wood.

The Kit Includes :

- 750g Macrame Cord 3mm (3pcs and 65m each)

- 500g Macrame Cord 5mm (1pc and 70m)

- 0.80cm Adhesive Liner

- Cutting pattern for the sheets

You can find all Accessories/Materials for Macrame Technique to start a new creative adventure

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