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  • ALPINE-661 - Black
    ALPINE-661 - Black
  • ALPINE-662 - Ecru
    ALPINE-662 - Ecru
  • ALPINE-667 - Bordeaux
    ALPINE-667 - Bordeaux
  • ALPINE-669 - Gray
    ALPINE-669 - Gray
  • ALPINE-670 - Green Olive
    ALPINE-670 - Green Olive
  • ALPINE-674 - Blue
    ALPINE-674 - Blue
  • Ροζ - Pink
    Ροζ - Pink
  • Πετρόλ - Petrol
    Πετρόλ - Petrol
  • ALPINE-675 Σμαραγδί - ALPINE-675 Emerald
    ALPINE-675 Σμαραγδί - ALPINE-675 Emerald
  • ALPINE-664 Γκρι Σκούρο - ALPINE-664 Dark Gray
    ALPINE-664 Γκρι Σκούρο - ALPINE-664 Dark Gray

p>A Scarf Long and wonderful! The most fashionable thing you can wear this year. Alpine Maxi Yarn is a thick and fluffy yarn and here we will knit it with No15 Needles. The feel on you is soft and very fluffy to wrap around you. It has a dimension of 30 cm wide and 180-190 cm long. If you want to make it even longer, you can get 1pc more Alpine Maxi Thread 250g.

The Kit Includes :

- 2 pcs Alpine Maxi Yarn 250g (500gr total)

- 1 Pair of Knitting Needles No15

If you have Needles, choose your color in the individual product Alpine Maxi Thread 250g

With our Video it is an ideal choice to start knitting with Knitting Needles


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