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In 7 Colors
  • CROC/NEW-1 - Croco Πούρου
    CROC/NEW-1 - Croco Πούρου
  • CROC/NEW-3 - Croco Μπορντώ
    CROC/NEW-3 - Croco Μπορντώ
  • CROC/NEW-4 - Croco Καφέ
    CROC/NEW-4 - Croco Καφέ
  • CROC/NEW-6 - Croco Μαύρο
    CROC/NEW-6 - Croco Μαύρο
  • DOLCSNAKGREEN - Green Snake
    DOLCSNAKGREEN - Green Snake
  • MEGF-PONY/BLACK - Black Fur
    MEGF-PONY/BLACK - Black Fur
  • PONY/BORDEAUX - Pony Skin Γουνίτσα Μπορντώ
    PONY/BORDEAUX - Pony Skin Γουνίτσα Μπορντώ
  • VINT013 - Vintage Silver
    VINT013 - Vintage Silver
  • VINTAGBRONZE - Vintage Bronze
    VINTAGBRONZE - Vintage Bronze

The Crystal Cover was created by the handibrand laboratory to make your crafting easier. It has dimensions of 22 cm and vertically in its center up to the tongue has holes so that by knitting a piece of tongue 4.5X19 cm can be sewn on top. You can decorate this little tongue with whatever you like from Fashion Supplies. Feathers, pearls, pom poms, metallic charms and decorative stones can become the stars of your bag.

The Crystal Cap has a magnetic closure.


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