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In 9 Colors
  • Glitter Blue
    Glitter Blue
  • Glitter Dark Gray
    Glitter Dark Gray
  • Glitter Silver
    Glitter Silver
  • Glitter Bordueax
    Glitter Bordueax
  • Glitter Red
     Glitter Red
  • Glitter Brown
     Glitter Brown
  • Glitter Cypress
    Glitter Cypress
  • Glitter Black
    Glitter Black
  • Glitter Purple
    Glitter Purple

A bag full of beauty. It is small but impressive at the same time. Final Dimensions are 17cm wide and 15cm high. The metal Heart Clasp is 7cm in size and closes with an internal magnet.


The Heart Purse includes:


- 1 Metal Clasp Heart 7cm size


- 1 Magnet


- 200g Metal Cord Yarn


- Inscructions

Measurement Unit:: Item
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