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How about gifting loved ones a Craft Box full of crafting goodies. Even better idea to give it to you as a gift! We will decorate it as a gift and put your personal wish inside that you tell us what you want it to say. This Gift Box has all the necessary Materials to get started with the Amigurumi technique. Your friend entering our Youtube Channel will find Amigurumi videos tutorial and also beginners if needed. Inside the Box there are also written printed instructions for 2-3 Dolls. The box is craft hard with our brand and dimensions 31X20X15


The Kit Includes :


- 7 pcs Amigurumi Cotton Yarn


- 100g Filling for Dolls and Crafts


- 1 Pair of Silicone Eyelets with Safety 10mm


- 1 Pair of Silicone Eyelets with Safety 8mm


- 3 pcs Needles Line for felting


- 0.50cm Craft Wire


- 1 Handibrand Ergonomic Crochet Hook No4


-  Written Instructions for 2-3 amigurumis

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