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In 6 Colors
  • Gray Set(505-577-560)
    Gray Set(505-577-560)
  • Biege-Gray Set(064-505-900)
    Biege-Gray Set(064-505-900)
  • Black-Ecru Set(005-023-519)
    Black-Ecru Set(005-023-519)
  • Blue-Gray Set(580-577-064)
    Blue-Gray Set(580-577-064)
  • Tabac-Biege Set ( 612-064-561)
    Tabac-Biege Set ( 612-064-561)
  • Green Set (008-601-561)
    Green Set (008-601-561)

This Sweater will flatter all body types. Knitted with handibrand's SOHO Yarn with granny squares. It has the cut of the chanel jacket style in the neck but also in length reaches the middle of the buttock. The front closes smartly and loosely with 4 sewn pearls or with the two resin buttons, you will decide what suits you. The yarn in the kit is for Large and Xlarge, so for the Medium size you will have yarn left over. We have made it very easy for you, it consists of 8 large squares with a continuous pattern and 2 sleeves. The Video Tutorial on Our Channel will help you figure out your size.

The Kit Includes:

- 7 pcs Soho Yarn the basic color

- 6pcs Soho Yarn the second color

- 1 pc of Soho Yarn the color in the center

- 4 Pearls Sewn

- 2 Resin bottoms with two holes

*The options in the Sets are written exactly in the above order of the yarns

Happy Crafting handibrand girls

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