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In 7 Colors
  • Set Νο1 -268 Purple
    Set Νο1 -268 Purple
  • Set No2 Brown-235
    Set No2 Brown-235
  • Set No3 Brown/Blue -239
    Set No3 Brown/Blue -239
  • Set No4 Green-262
    Set No4 Green-262
  • Set No5 Blue/Gray-244
    Set No5 Blue/Gray-244
  • Set No6 Mulicolor-222
    Set No6 Mulicolor-222
  • Set No7 Multicolor Pink-243
    Set No7 Multicolor Pink-243

How about gifting loved ones a Craft Box full of crafting goodies. Even better idea to give it to you as a gift! We will decorate it as a gift and put your personal wish inside that you tell us what you want it to say. This Gift Box has all the necessary Materials to knit the Easy Beanie . Your friend entering our Youtube Channel will find build video. The box is craft hard with our brand and dimensions 23X17X13. A very nice idea is to knit the Beanie and offer it as a gift inside the Gift Box.

The Kit Includes :

- 2 pcs Davos Yarn

- Handibrand Ergonomic Crochet Hook No6

- 1 Fur Pom Pom

- 1 “Handmade” Sewing Label

- 20pcs Markers

Measurement Unit:: Item
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