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In 4 Colors
  • Set No1 Red-Black
    Set No1 Red-Black
  • Set No2 Ecru-Red
    Set No2 Ecru-Red
  • Set No3 Fuchsia-Ecru
    Set No3 Fuchsia-Ecru
  • Set No4 Pink-Ecru
    Set No4 Pink-Ecru

The Minnie Mouse Backpack will only make you feel happy and relaxed when you crochet it. The same happened to us! It is ideal for little ladies from 3 years old and as long as you want. Children's Back Straps are for ages up to about 10 years old. If you want a bigger one, ask us to change the Straps for you with the normal Back Straps.

The Minnie Mouse face is an Amigurumi with inner stuffing.

The Minnie Mouse Backpack Kit includes:

- 1 Children's Back Strap

- 1 base 20X8cm

- 300g Amigurumi Yarn No1 (3pcs)

- 300g Amigurumi Yarn No2 (3pcs)

- 100g Amigurumi Yarn Black (1pc)

- A few meters of White Amigurumi Yarn

- 1 Metal Sew on Magnet

- Written Instructions for the Backpack / Written Instructions for the Minnie Mouse Head

Happy Cragting handibrand girls!

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