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In 3 Colors
  • FANC/CORD - 01 - Multicolor Fancy-01
    FANC/CORD - 01 - Multicolor Fancy-01
  • FANC/CORD-02 - Multicolor Burdeaux -02
    FANC/CORD-02 - Multicolor Burdeaux -02
  • FANC/CORD-03 - Multicolor Brown -03
    FANC/CORD-03 - Multicolor Brown -03
  • FANC/CORD-04 - Multicolor Ecru-04
    FANC/CORD-04 - Multicolor Ecru-04
  • FANC/CORD-05 - Multicolor Lilian-05
    FANC/CORD-05 - Multicolor Lilian-05
  • FANC/CORD-06 - Multicolor Bronze-06
    FANC/CORD-06 - Multicolor Bronze-06
  • FANC/CORD-07 - Multicolor Khaki-Gray-07
    FANC/CORD-07 - Multicolor Khaki-Gray-07

Fancy Yarn is 600g of delight and at a perfect price. One Bobbin is enough for one bag. The textures of the colors are different. It is from materials we found in stock and made perfect combinations in a complete yarn. Quantities and colors are limited, they are not repeated. So be careful with the quantities you order.

No.1 Color: it is colorful with many colors and a little fluffy

No. 2 Color: it is colorful in burgundy and blue shades with a shiny texture

No.3 Color: it is colorful in brown shades and a little fluffy

No. 4 Color: it is based on off-white and yellow-turquoise-pink tones and cotton texture

No. 5 Color: based on lilac and yellow-turquoise-pink tones and cotton texture

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