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In 8 Colors
  • SILKY021 - Silky Petrol
    SILKY021 - Silky Petrol
  • TRIP-355 RED - Pomegranate Red
    TRIP-355 RED - Pomegranate Red
  • TRIP-450 PURPLE - Mauve
    TRIP-450 PURPLE - Mauve
  • TRIP-735 MUSTARD - Mustard
    TRIP-735 MUSTARD - Mustard
  • TRIPOL-686 BLUENAVY - Blue Navy
    TRIPOL-686 BLUENAVY - Blue Navy
  • TRIPOLBEIGEZ73 - Pastel Beige
    TRIPOLBEIGEZ73 - Pastel Beige
  • TRIPOLFIESTA - Coral FIesta
    TRIPOLFIESTA - Coral FIesta
  • TRIPOLINO-BEIGEZ107 - Beige Turtledove
    TRIPOLINO-BEIGEZ107 -  Beige Turtledove

A small full of glory! Pearls fill every fashion magazine this year and handibrand has secured for you many sizes and perfect Pearls for sewing with a metal hook.

The Mini Purse has final dimensions of 17cm wide and 11-12cm high. Tripolino Yarn has that sheen for a glam effect and goes beautifully with the pearls.

It is woven with finesse but in a different way so that it looks special and stylish.

To make this bag, you'll need a crochet hook Νο 4. On the Video you will see all the details.

 The Kit Includes :

 - 300g Tripolino Yarn(1pc) (000426)

 - 34 pcs Pearls with 10mm Hooks (002346)

 - 1 mt Chanel type Metal Chain (000084)

 - 1 Handle of Pearls and hooks 28-30cm (000999)

 - 2 Metal Arches with Screws and Locks (000411)

 - 1 Sew on Magnet ( 000271)

Happy crafting!

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