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In 10 Colors
  • MET/THR-30 - Metallic Black-30
    MET/THR-30 - Metallic Black-30
  • MET/THR-32 - Metallic Beige-32
    MET/THR-32 - Metallic Beige-32
  • MET/THR-34 - Metallic Bronze-34
    MET/THR-34 - Metallic Bronze-34
  • MET/THR-36 - Metallic Fuchsia-36
    MET/THR-36 - Metallic Fuchsia-36
  • MET/THR-41 - Metallic Two Color Gray-41
    MET/THR-41 - Metallic Two Color Gray-41
  • MET/THR-43 - Metallic Bronze-43
    MET/THR-43 - Metallic Bronze-43
  • MET/THR-44 - Multicolor Metallic Green-44
    MET/THR-44 - Multicolor Metallic Green-44
  • MET/THR-45 - Two Color Metallic Purple-45
    MET/THR-45 - Two Color Metallic Purple-45
  • ΜΕΤ/THR-35 - Brown Metallic -35
    ΜΕΤ/THR-35 - Brown Metallic -35
  • ΜΕΤ/THR-37 - Blue Metallic-37
    ΜΕΤ/THR-37 - Blue Metallic-37

The Glam Top will blow your mind in terms of quality and style!  Airy and loose to flatter every woman. Wear it with a jacket or shirt as fashion dictates in Top T-shirts.

The Metallic Thread you will really like knitting. It is 100g / 255m and ideal for scarves, swimwear and airy clothes.

We have crocheted it from the side and it is two pieces. In the Diagram included with the Kit you will find in detail the Sizes S, M, L, XL

The 4 pcs Thread reaches up to Large Size

In our photos, the Gold/Bronze Top is a Large size and the Two-tone Purple Top is a Medium size and we have put Teardrop Crystals on the straps.

The Kit Includes :

- 4 pcs Metallic Thread

- 6 Teardrop Crystals 11mm

- Size chart


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